iLatino checks out the S**t Politicians say to Latinos

Some people say politicians say a lot of s**t. In honor of the s**t people say phenomenon on YouTube, we explore the theme among some of the presidential hopefuls.

I expected this to be a bit funny, but it mostly makes me want to cry. And I can’t even think of an insult bad enough for you, Newt Gingrich. Rot in hell. 


Colorlines - Report: 66 Percent of Hate Crime Victims Targeted Because of Anti-Latino Bias


This just came on my twitter feed, courtesy of @colorlines

The FBI’s annual Hate Crime Statistics report was released on Monday, and the numbers show a dramatic spike in crimes against Latinos. In total, the study reported that 66.6 percent of victims of ethnically motivated hate crimes in 2010 were targeted because of anti-Latino bias. It is the highest percentage of victims targeted for their Latino heritage in almost a decade.

There was an 11 percent spike from the previous year’s report that showed Latinos accounting for nearly 45 percent of hate crimes based on ethnicity or national origin.

While the FBI says it’s unclear why hate crimes agaisnt Latinos are on the rise, it is important to note that between 2000 and 2010, the Latino population grew by 43 percent — or four times the nation’s 9.7 percent growth rate. All fifty states and Washington D.C. saw rises in the Latino population.

Some say the number of hate crimes may even be higher for Latinos because they’re the least likely to report crimes against them. Mark Potok, a spokesperson for the Southern Poverty Law Center, told The Huffington Post:  “One thing to understand is that Latinos, and in particular undocumented immigrants, are among the least likely to report hate crimes because they fear deportation.”

When is America going to address the results of the xenophobic way our nation addresses immigration policy? All on TV we see politicians riling up crowds with sensational anti-immigration rhetoric just to get votes… all the while actual people become collateral damage.

Well gee, don’t I feel safe in my own country.



okay so i just read the article on zoe saldana being a black latina and it basically touches upon the fact that i don’t think most people realize that hispanic is not a race, but rather an ethnicity. the most frustrating part is the fact that 20+ countries are grouped solely for the fact that we all speak spanish. sure, there may lie similarities between hispanics, but overall they’re not the same. you can ask me about mexican culture all you want, i can’t answer anything since my argentine culture is completely different (even the spanish is different). so remind me why over in the us i should note a difference between scottish, irish, english, blah blah blah people when they themselves assume every latino is the same (and it’s basically the same with any ethnicity that isn’t white lbr)



When the Mexican Revolution came, they were there to say presente…




When the Mexican Revolution came, they were there to say presente…



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